Refund Policy

Refund Policy

CeriVPN, like many of its paid rivals, does not provide a trial or free version. Instead, the we give a 7-day money-back policy on subscriptions of 3 months or more (3 days for monthly offers). This is a sufficient amount of time to serve as a trial period, enabling online users to assess the functions and reliability of the VPN over time. In exchange, you’ll need to pay the subscription price in advance and ask CeriVPN customer support for a refund before the guarantee period expires (no explanation is necessary).

Take note of your order number and get in touch with CeriVPN support by email at or using your MyAccount page directly.

Please read this policy:

CeriVPN is prepared to provide you with a 7-day money-back guarantee because we are so confident in the quality of our products and support.

CeriVPN can guarantee the following:

  • Our products will work as described.
  • Our products will include all of the features as described in our feature list.
  • We will support every customer to the fullest extent possible.

Products referenced herein come with a 7-day money back guarantee (3 days for one month subscription), some restrictions apply, please read this policy in its entirety.

The 7-day (3 days for one month subscription) money back guarantee applies ONLY to new purchases and not to renewals and upgrades. We do not issue refunds for renewals and upgrades.

Any refund requests made AFTER the 7-day (3 days for one month subscription)  period will NOT be considered for a refund.

The Buyer understands that access to the support forum, downloads, and customer-only documentation terminates when the refund is processed.

A refund is only issued to the same email address & account that was used originally to make the purchase. Refunds are usually processed within 7 days.


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